Three fundamental entities with one specific goal: to become the reference nationwide distributor for tyre dealers and suppliers

Chairman and Managing Director


Mauro Pessi joins Pirelli in the early 1990s, where he experiences a twenty-year long career as a top manager at the Milan headquarters and at the most important branches worldwide (first in the United States and most recently in Brazil), also serving as CEO of Pirelli Latin America.

In 2008 he leaves Pirelli to embrace a new professional project and joins the Board of Directors of Brembo SpA where he also went on to serve as Managing Director. In 2013 he moves on to the consulting sector and meets with Fintyre, which requires his services to redesign the corporate business model.

In 2015, the UK fund BlueGem takes over 90% of company capital and appoints Mauro Pessi as Chairman and Managing Director of Fintyre.

Sales Area Director


Alessandro Bruchi begins his experience in the tyre industry in Pneuservice'90, a distribution company in Tuscany where he is the Import/Export Manager, and subsequently becomes a partner in All Pneus, a distribution company in the Lombard region.

He continues his career contributing to the growth of All Pneus, which became All Pneus Group thanks to the merger of other distribution companies in the Tuscany and Trentino areas.

In 2008, with the founding of Fintyre, he was selected by the new Board of Directors to serve as Sales Director.

Chief Financial and Operations Officer


Nicola Melillo begins his career in the tyre industry in Pirelli, serving in many important roles both in Italy and abroad.

During his twenty-year career in Pirelli, he served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President.

Born in Milan, he continues his growth path with an experience in Parmalat serving as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and in Brembo serving as the Region Manager for North and South America.

In 2013 he returns to the tyre industry joining Fintyre as Chief Financial and Operations Officer.