The network for those who are ready to take on the challenges imposed by the market throughout the tyre chain

Fintyre Club is the network created by the Fintyre Group in 2010 to offer sector specialists a dedicated and innovative project aimed at maximising synergies between distribution and retail. The spirit of the Fintyre Club is to create a participatory context that looks to the future focusing on knowledge and innovation.

A wide range of management services, marketing tools, interesting business and communication support promotions are dedicated to FintyreClub members, and support them in their business activities.

The Fintyre Club mission is in fact based on the sharing of difficulties and opportunities, searching for new, ambitious and modern yet concrete business solutions, and these peculiarities make it the most cutting edge programme focusing on creating value for the relationship between Fintyre and its customers.


  • take advantage of the exclusive initiatives dedicated to club members only
  • join a consolidated group of professionals who have been able to exploit the club initiatives to expand their business prospects
  • enjoy a lasting and profitable relationship with Fintyre.

In  2013 and 2014, Fintyre and its representative customers decided to create the Fintyre Club PRO network, where 'Pro' stands for Professional, in order to face the tough and major challenges the market was imposing on the entire tyre chain.

The initiative aims to assist the growth of tyre fitters, giving them the tools needed to boost customer loyalty and create additional business. The range of tools provided are dedicated training courses and digital tools designed to create a new customer experience for the end user, focusing on continuity and the quality of interaction with the tyre fitters such as the multimedia totem, electronic agenda and apps.